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Extracurricular university clubs and societies

All top universities are home to a wide variety of clubs and societies, so students should have no trouble finding one that caters to their interests and/or allows them to develop new skills to assist them in their personal and professional endeavours.

Cambridge and Oxford each boast hundreds of clubs and societies, which can roughly be broken down into having sport, recreation, academia, religion, origin or an interest, hobby or skill at its core. Take a look at Oxford’s recognised societies list and Cambridge’s Society Directory to get an idea of what clubs and societies you might choose to join when you are at university.

The obvious benefit of joining a student society is that it will afford you the opportunity to meet people with whom you share a common interest, whether this is GeologyCavingScottish Dance or Spaceflight, and effectively allow you to widen your social network. However, there are also real gains to be had in terms of boosting your skills, qualities, knowledge and consequently your overall employability.

If you work in an administrative capacity for your society, for example, you will get a chance to develop experience and expertise in a range of areas like event planning, market research, budgeting, fundraising and promotion.  Depending on the type of role you are applying for, experience in one or more of these fields might carry some weight with your employer.

Even if you aren’t an ‘active’ member, you can still demonstrate a number of qualities, like being a team player, simply by becoming a member. Being a member of a society also shows that you are able to balance a number of things at once and that you are a well-rounded individual, both of which are important to employers and graduate schools alike.

At Varsity Education, we provide a full sporting and cultural programme to give students a taste of what will be available to them when they start their first year as an undergraduate student at a top university and also to reflect the fact that university life is not solely about academic pursuits.

If you would like more information about our programmes, or if you would like to reserve a place in one of our sessions, contact us.