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Oxbridge admissions – a teacher’s guide

Helping gifted students to succeed at school is a rewarding part of teaching. But how can you help those who dream of gaining a place at an elite university like Oxford or Cambridge? Varsity Education’s courses are created specifically for outstanding students to help prepare them for the rigorous admissions process. Our college director, James Gold, travels extensively across the globe as part of our School Outreach programme and is often asked about the programme. We address some of the most commonly asked questions below:

How do Varsity Education programmes help my students? Through a series of seminars, tutorials and mock interviews we build confidence, improve exam and interview skills and offer personalised, subject-specific guidance. We also look at what each student would like to study and advise them on the most suitable colleges to apply to. Take a look at the Programme Overview for a full breakdown.

How do you ensure that the information provided is both accurate and relevant? We pride ourselves on our academic integrity. Every member of our teaching faculty is, or has been, a member of the universities of Oxford or Cambridge. They are up to date with all sections of the application process and familiar with the academic life.

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What do the programmes offer that I can’t? Qualified advice on admissions for specific fields may not be available at school level, particularly in subjects such as law and medicine. Our faculty can provide expert guidance across a range of fields. We ensure students have mock interviews, feedback and tutorials with tutors that have studied that field at either Oxford and Cambridge providing them with up-to-date and tailored advice.

Do you offer scholarships? We offer full scholarships to students with a strong record of academic achievement and from non-traditional Oxbridge backgrounds. A proportion of our annual intake is reserved for those who meet these criteria.

What do you look for in potential scholarship students? We require applicants to submit their grades, predicted grades, a teacher’s reference and a brief personal statement. We favour the highly academically able but we will not dismiss someone who doesn’t have perfect grades. Whilst it is wrong to believe a student simply needs straight A*s to be successful in an Oxbridge application, we do take into consideration academic attainment for our scholarship applicants.

Are you affiliated with Oxford University? Varsity Education is a not-for-profit which employs academics from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge for teaching and uses college accommodation. The programme has no formal connection with the University of Oxford and is therefore able to provide objective application assistance to students. Varsity Education’s programmes are also the only independent residential Oxbridge preparation course held at an Oxbridge college.


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