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Scholarships and Bursaries

We are proud to be not for profit, and as part of our work improving access to the UK’s top universities, we offer scholarships and bursaries for all of our programmes.

Applications for scholarships and bursaries for our summer 2018 programmes are now being accepted.

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Varsity Education Scholarship Scheme

Our scholarship scheme is the largest offered by any independent Oxbridge preparatory course. It helps top-performing students from all over the world attend our programmes by offering a partial scholarship (covering between 20% and 50% of the full course fees).

Varsity Education Bursary Scheme

This extremely competitive scheme is designed for students from all over the world who do not have the financial means to attend one of our programmes. The bursary covers 100% of the fees, including tuition, accommodation and meals (excluding lunch).

Important information

Varsity Education shall determine the recipients of the scholarship or bursary at its sole discretion.
The decision of Varsity Education will be final in all cases.
The value of that award is entirely at the discretion of Varsity Education Ltd.
Scholarships are specific to the programme that the student has applied for.

In the event of information coming to the attention of Varsity Education that there has been any fraud or that any information given in support of the application is false, Varsity Education reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship and request full payment of course fees. Failing which, the student’s place on the programme shall be revoked and no refund shall be due.

Our scholarship and bursary students join our Ambassador Programme upon completion of their course. This allows them to inform other interested students about Varsity Education programmes as well as receive ongoing support.