Computer Science Course | Varsity Education

Computer Science

An introduction to the science and technology behind modern computing

Computers and the programs they run are amongst the most world’s most complex inventions and therefore, creating and using them can be challenging. The study of Computer Science is based on creating links between theory and practice; answering the challenges posed by the discipline through theorizing and implementing solutions.

Students on Varsity Education’s Computer Science course will gain a complete introduction to the computer systems, programs and networks that are key to the rapid transformation and modernisation witnessed across all aspects of modern life.

The course will focus on the core principles of computer science as well as algorithms, problem solving and computer programming through both explanatory and practical sessions. Students will spend time considering a number of different programming languages, the theories around them and their positive and negative qualities before exploring a number in detail. These languages may include but are not limited to; HTML, CSS and Python.

Computer Science has a foundation in mathematics however it also spans engineering and linguistics and is a constantly evolving discipline that makes it fascinating to study. Our course enhances our student’s problem solving skills and logical thinking capabilities whilst also providing a unique insight into the behavior of programs, networks and computer systems.

Students leave the course with a thorough understanding of the discipline of Computer Science through the study of the theoretical background as well as a number of programming languages, culminating in a practical project towards the end of the programme.

No prior knowledge of Computer Science or programming is required, however all students will need to bring a laptop in order to participate in the practical elements of the course.

Please note that Computer Science is not available on Cambridge Summer College Session 2.

Topics may include:

  • The Development of Computing
  • Programming Techniques and Languages
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Python
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Engineering and Linguistics
  • Algorithms
  • Frameworks
  • Problem Solving