Geography Course | Varsity Education


An introduction to the physical and man-made world around us.

Geography bridges the arts and social and natural sciences to create an interdisciplinary subject that provides students with a better understanding of the world around them. This diverse discipline seeks to explain the world through both its human and natural complexities.

Students on our Geography course will study a range of human, physical and environmental geography and develop both breadth and depth of knowledge. Through small group seminars and one-on-one tutorials, students will hone their geographical and scientific skills through concentrated study into specific areas of the field and advance their understanding of the topic through project work.

Students will explore the cross-fertilisation of Geography across a diverse range of other disciplines, including anthropology, economics and biology. Focusing on key geographic ideas, our course focuses on global economic, social and environmental problems and change.

The course will consider the importance of theory and methods for analysing modern geographical problems and policies and engage with current issues facing the world today. Geography covers a wide range of topical issues, from sustainable energy to the regeneration of cities, coastal management to the inequalities of health. By analysing case studies and current day problems, students will learn how economic, social and cultural processes impact the world around us.

Students taking our Geography course leave the programme with a coherent view into the rapidly changing world they live in and the ways in which society influences and is influenced by it.

Please note that Geography is only available as part of Cambridge Summer College Session 1.

Topics may include:

  • Earth Systems
  • Physical Environments
  • Culture and Modernity
  • Global Climate Systems
  • Geopolitics and Political Geography
  • Society and Sustainable Development
  • Oceans and Coasts
  • Atmospheric Processes and Climates

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