History Course | Varsity Education


The History course provides students with an introduction to political,
cultural and military turning points that shaped the formation of the
modern world.

Varsity Education’s History course gives students the opportunity to study a diverse number of historical periods and develop a comprehensive understanding of historiographical approaches.

This wide ranging course will see students analyse the impact of historic events and trends on the world whilst also developing close analysis skills through working with primary sources.

Whether studying the fall of the Roman Empire or the modernisation of warfare in the 20th Century, students will develop their critical thinking skills as well as independence of thought about the past. The course will consider a range of issues in a number of historical periods such as power and warfare, religion and beliefs, imperialism and class and gender.

Students will spend time engaging critically with historical material and develop a detailed understanding of the events and individuals that defined the world today. For example, how revolutions and civil wars have shaped the leadership of a country, or how a belief or religion has developed and influenced contemporary thought.

The course will encourage students to make informed links across subjects and draw from a wide range of disciplines including economics, politics, and international relations. This popular course combines the research and theoretical skills fostered by historical enquiry with the critical and analytical demands of close source analysis.

Topics may include:

  • The American Revolution
  • The French Revolution
  • Kingdoms, Republics and Empires
  • The unification of Italy and the unification of Germany
  • British Imperial Expansion and Decline
  • Victorian Britain and the Industrial Revolution
  • American Expansionism & Civil War
  • The Decline of Imperial Russia and the Russian Revolution
  • Alliances before the Great War