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Maths & Engineering

A practical introduction to the interdisciplinary nature of Mathematics and Engineering

How do engineers approach complex design problems?

What is the interdisciplinary relationship between maths and engineering?

Is Maths REALLY everywhere?

Engineering is the application of mathematics and physics to real-life scenarios. Our unique Mathematics & Engineering course provides an introduction to undergraduate mathematics and physics, teaching students how to apply their knowledge to the world around them.

The programme covers a range of topics of undergraduate level maths and touches briefly on areas of physics that are relevant to the programme. Building the vital problem-solving skills required of an engineer, students progress through the programme to tackle problems and reach feasible solutions to real-life scenarios.

On this course, students build on the mathematics they have studied at school and are introduced to more advanced concepts of pure mathematics. The first part of the course focuses on building on the school curriculum. Our mathematicians look at complex numbers, matrix algebra and differentiation.

Topics may include:

  • An introduction to matrix algebra
  • Matrix solutions to simultaneous equations
  • Gaussian elimination
  • Differentiation and differential equations
  • Advanced sequences and series
  • Circuit analysis
  • Complex numbers
  • De Moivre’s theorem

Later in the programme, students apply their foundation of knowledge in maths and physics to real design problems as you would during an engineering degree. Students study underdetermined systems where there is not sufficient information to solve a problem. Through seminars and tutorials students will work through these problems and experience the satisfaction of eventually finding a solution.

At this stage students also take on a practical project to build or adapt an object using the concepts studied during the programme. Previous practicals have included building an effective water launcher and creating portable speakers.

On completion of the programme, students will feel more confident in their mathematical abilities and have a strong grasp of the problem solving skills required to pursue a mathematical or engineering related degree at university.