Philosophy Course | Varsity Education


An introduction to the fundamental problems of existence

Our Philosophy course provides a dynamic introduction to the study of Philosophy and allows students to gain insight into fundamental questions concerning reality, existence and knowledge. For students who enjoy contemplating our place in the world, puzzle solving, and discussing different views on reality, this philosophy programme is perfect for them.

This course allows students to develop a deep understanding of philosophy at undergraduate level. Students examine theories and questions that have puzzled philosophers and non-philosophers alike. They will learn to analyse and construct sound arguments through class discussion and short essay writing tasks.

The course commences with an introduction to philosophy as we explore some fundamental ideas such as rationalism, empiricism and utilitarianism. Through discussion-based classes, students consider the strengths and weaknesses of utlititarian thought before moving on to Kant, the categorical imperative, and the philosophy of religion.

Later in the course, the focus in classes moves to political philosophy and other theories. These lessons may look at topical issues such as feminism, freedom of expression and the role of violence and power in the modern world.

Topics may include:

  • Utilitarianism
  • Kant and the Categorical Imperative
  • Miracles
  • The problem of evil
  • Gender theory
  • Morality and religion
  • The Teleological argument
  • John Stuart Mill and the concept of liberty
  • Hannah Arendt and violence

A thoroughly thought-provoking course, students will leave the philosophy programme with an inquiring mind and a better understanding of many fundamental ideas of philosophy.

Even those who are not looking to pursue philosophy into further education can learn useful skills from the classes. Students learn how to construct thoughtful and logical arguments, a vital skill for anyone pursuing a humanities subject into further education.

“In Philosophy, one of my favourite topics was Scepticism, where we all struggled to argue that humans are not just ‘brains in a vat’ and had a really constructive discussion on the problem.”

– Matthew