Politics & Economics Course | Varsity Education

Politics & Economics

An introduction to the political and economic institutions, forces and theories which govern the societies of the world

Politics and economics affect every one of us every day, whether it is government policy on VAT or the free provision of healthcare. This course will introduce students to political and economic issues, and is taught in university style tutorials which allow students to discuss their own opinions and theories.

Students will learn about key economic concepts such as supply and demand, market structure and the role of finance.  We will then explore the relationship between economics and politics and its effect on policy. We study politics from both a theoretical and practical perspective, and try to look behind the headlines to the issues at play.

The course will give students vital practice in debating issues where there is no correct answer, and teach students how to apply academic learning to real world situations. Analytical, research and debate skills will be developed throughout this course and students will have a broader understanding of current affairs.

This course requires no current knowledge nor study of either economics or politics, but rather works with the knowledge of current affairs and the student’s opinion to help consider these subjects in a new light. This course should give students a snapshot of the study of these subjects at a university level.

Topics may include:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • The Theory of Politics
  • International relations
  • Game Theory
  • The US and UK Political Systems
  • Brexit and its implications
  • The US Presidential Election

“I learned to challenge preconceptions and not to be burdened by them when thinking critically. I tackled problems on political authority and legitimacy, democratisation of the world and many more complex real world issues.”

– Hadrian