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Teaching Faculty

Our teaching faculty comprises current and former Oxbridge Fellows as well as undergraduates, postgraduates and alumni of Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

We ensure all of our subjects are overseen by a current college Fellow. These academic heads lead a number of key lectures and seminars during the course and ensure our curriculum is up to date and academically challenging for the students.


Some examples of Varsity Academics 2014-17


Mathematics & Engineering

Dr Samuel Vinko
Royal Society University Research Fellow and a Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Oxford University Dr Vinko attended the University of Rome Tor Vergata in Italy and completed his Doctorate in Atomic and Laser Physics at Oxford University.   He specialises in the theoretical and experimental study of matter in extreme conditions and teaches both Physics and Mathematics to undergraduates. Over the past few years, Dr Vinko has been a lecturer at Trinity College and Merton College and has also been a college tutor at both Magdelen College and St John’s College.
Professor Suby Bhattacharya
Visiting Fellow and Senior Lecturer at University of Bristol Academic Visitor at Department of Engineering, Oxford University Prof Bhattacharya holds the Chair in Geomechanics at the University of Surrey and is also an Academic Visitor at Oxford University. He has recently published a number of articles in a leading engineering journal and specialises in the kinematic bending moments in piles in layered soils during earthquakes. Prior to taking up his current post, he was a Lecturer at both Lady Margaret Hall and Brasenose College.

Politics & Economics

Dr Harald Wydra
College Fellow and director of HSPS at St Catherine’s College, Cambridge University Dr Wydra was educated at the Universities of Resgenburg, Germany and Salamanca, Spain before undertaking a PhD in Social and Political Sciences at the European University Institute in Florence. Dr Wydra has been teaching politics at Cambridge since 2003 and is a co-founder and editor of the journal International Political Anthropology.

English Law

Dr Josephine van Zeben
Career Development Fellow at Worcester College, Oxford University Dr van Zeben studied law at the University of Edinburgh, the University of Amsterdam, Harvard University and University College Utrecht.  Before coming to Oxford, Josephine taught Environmental Regulation at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland and now teaches EU and Public Law at a number of Oxford colleges. Dr van Zeben has recently published a book on the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS).
Dr Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan
Fellow and Director of Studies at Kings College, Cambridge University


Dr Warren Dockter
Junior Research Fellow at Clare Hall, Cambridge University (until 2016) Archives By-Fellow at Churchill College, Cambridge University (until 2016) Dr Dockter is a leading specialist in Winston Churchill’s life and has published numerous papers and books on the subject. He was an Admissions Tutor at Churchill College, Cambridge and teaches history at a number of Cambridge colleges. His work on Churchill and the Middle East has led to his designing of courses at the Universities of Exeter, Worcester and Nottingham.

English Literature

Dr Sally Bayley
Lecturer at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University Research and Teaching Fellow at the Rothermere American Institute, Oxford UniversityDr Bayley is a college tutor at Balliol and St Hugh’s Colleges and has written extensively on visual responses to literature. She has also recently completed a book of narrative non-fiction, The Private Life of the Diary: from Pepys to Tweets. Significantly, Dr Bayley has worked closely with poets, visual artists, playwrights and composers to create the award winning play; written by Elisabeth Gray, titled I Wish I Had a Sylvia Plath. This play has been translated into several languages and re-staged all over the world.
Dr David Tolley
Tutor at Hertford College, Oxford University Tutor in Fine Art at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University Dr Tolley has been a College Lecturer in English at Hertford college since 2004 and specialises in Shakespeare and Drama. His research interests revolve around performance studies and theatre history both in early and modern British drama. Dr Tolley is also a Tutor at Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Art and explores the interplay between art, literature and film.

Biological Sciences

Dr Craig MacLean
Hugh Price Fellow at Jesus College, Oxford University Fellow at Merton College, Oxford University Dr MacLean teaches cell biology and genetics to undergraduates in a number of colleges and also runs a lab at the university. The MacLean lab specialises in the evolutionary processes that are behind the spread and maintenance of resistance in pathogenic bacteria. Over the next few years Dr Maclean will look to analyse and better understand the evolutionary drivers of resistance.


Dr Ori Beck
Junior Research Fellow at Christ’s College, Cambridge University Dr Beck has been a Junior Research Fellow at Christs’ College since 2015 and specialises in epistemology and the philosophy of mind, and philosophy of perception. He teaches a variety of undergraduate papers, from Logic to the Concepts of Human Nature and has published a wide range of books and journals, both in the areas of Philosophy and Criminology.

Physical Sciences

Dr Elisa Chisari
Research Fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford University Dr Chisari completed her PHD at Princeton University, USA and is the Dennis Sciama Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College. She specialises in Cosmology and studies the intrinsic alignment of galaxies. Specifically Dr Chisari looks at the tides across the universe which change the orientations and shape of galaxies through looking at large scale structures of the universe.
Dr Rupert Allison
Tutor at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge University Dr Allison undertook his undergraduate and Masters degree in Natural Sciences at Jesus College, Cambridge University before moving to Oxford University to complete his PHD in Astrophysics. He is now a tutor at Cambridge and specialises in cosmology, supervising students in Relativity and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics.


Dr Lisa Walker
Fellow in Medical Sciences, Balliol College, Oxford University Consultant in Clinical Genetics, Churchill Hospital, Oxford Dr Walker is a practising clinician and a consultant in clinical genetics at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford. She trained at UCL, Cambridge and Great Ormond Street and is now Head of Cancer Genetics for the Oxford Regional Genetics Service, covering a population of 3.5 million. She received an Oxford University Medical School Teaching Excellence Award for her tutoring of medical students at Oxford University.

International Relations

Dr Emanuel Coman
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford University(until 2016) Departmental Lecturer at Corpus Christi College, Oxford University (until 2016) Dr Coman was educated in Iowa, Massachusetts and North Carolina before moving to Oxford in 2012 to teach. He specialises in comparative politics and methodology and teaches both international relations and politics at Corpus Christi College. Dr Coman has held a Postdoctoral Prize Fellowship at Nuffield since 2012 and has published a number of articles on Electoral Proportionality.
Dr Mano Toth
PhD Graduate and former Supervisor at the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge. Dr Toth specialises in European politics, and in the role of identity, culture and memory in politics. He supervised students across a number of Politics and International Relations courses in Cambridge. He also designed and taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Brussels and London.